"Back when we were struggling to identify who we were, what we did, and how should we become better at serving the needs of our members, Linda Malesic came along to offer guidance, help, hope, and wisdom. Thanks to her ability to listen well, talk only when necessary, and think clearly about her client's needs, we were able to formulate new strategies that made a difference for our organization, and that our staff and the key business leaders that worked with us could readily grasp, and upon which we could all act. We could not have made the progress we made without Linda's help."

S. Vegoe - Former CEO of the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce

"Linda's values are high on accountability and honesty. These two characteristics alone provide a strong platform for a working relationship. Her training style is both professional and friendly. What differentiates Linda as a sales coach is her ability to teach her students how to be articulate, effective communicators."

Owner, Cash Originals

Wouldn't it be great to have a real professional who:

  1. Helps you avoid the pitfalls of building your business!
  2. Answers those questions that keep you up at night!
  3. Shows you how to build and keep a great customer base!
  4. Helps you solve your unique problems!
  5. Understands your frustrations!
  6. Encourages you and also cheers for you in your successes!

Linda Malesic has owned two successful businesses and is dedicated to helping you grow your exciting business. She truly knows what it means to be a business owner with the elation, the fears, and the benefits.

Working with many diverse companies has given Linda a broad perspective and genuine appreciation for each business. In addition, she has trained employees in customer service, sales, and communications. Working with both owners and employees gives her a 360° view of your business.

Some of the areas you and your coach will strategize:

  1. Develop your business plan: What do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? You need a specific plan of action. Together you and your Coach will explore the criteria for your success and then develop clear strategies to put your plan into real action.

  2. Hold you accountable: Did you meet your weekly or monthly goals? If you didn't, what got in the way of your achieving those goals. You and your Coach will take a constructive look at what happened during that time and what needs to happen in the future for you to stay on track.

  3. Build a powerful sales team: How do you get new clients? How do you develop your sales presentation? How do you overcome objections and close your sale with ease? You will learn how to excel at these skills and many others with the training from your Coach.

  4. Visualize your success: Sometimes it's tough to stay positive. Stuff happens! But you and your Coach will be "bullish" about your motivation - keeping that goal in front of you, and reminding you of your vision of success.

  5. Maximize your time: Your Coach will show you how to use your time to produce the fastest and best results. You will learn how to spend your time productively so that you can have the time you want for the other things in your life that you value.

  6. Achieve your business goals: Your Coach will always be focusing on your business goals. With persistent evaluation and attention to what really works for you, your Coach will guide you through solutions to increase your bottom line.

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