"As the executive secretary to the president of the hospital, I need to communicate with all medical departments and with the public. Frequently, my written communications address a sensitive subject. Since taking Linda's business writing program, I am confident that my communications are now clear and diplomatic."

Executive Secretary - Hospital

Penn State University rates the ability to communicate as the #1 skill to succeed in business today.

What are your written communications saying about you and your company? Is your message clear? Do you want to build better rapport with your customers? Do you ever get Writer's Block?

We understand how important your written message is. We know that sometimes it is difficult for people to write what they mean. You may even experience Writer's Block and be overwhelmed by your writing task.

We look at your specific communications and then customize a program that meets your writing goals. By using your written communications, we make our training job-related for your organization.

Some of the areas of writing that we focus on include:

Improve the clarity and succinctness of written communications to include email, letters, and reports. Organize information to support the purpose of each document. Use a simple and logical progression of ideas, concepts, and descriptions. Avoid wordiness, outdated phrases, and vagueness.

Technological Level
Be aware of the probable reader of the document. Attune technical level and ideas to build rapport and credibility with the reader. Explain terms, data, and concepts in a clear, concise manner.

Grammar and Usage
Write documents that are grammatically correct. Develop effective sentences and paragraphs. Establish credibility by using appropriate verbiage, correct punctuation, and clear structure.

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