"As the executive secretary to the president of the hospital, I need to communicate with all medical departments and with the public. Frequently, my written communications address a sensitive subject. Since taking Linda's business writing program, I am confident that my communications are now clear and diplomatic."

Executive Secretary - Hospital

Over 20 years ago, Linda Malesic founded her company with a Mission Statement that today remains unchanged.

Our Mission is to provide customized consulting and training that meets the specialized requirements and needs of our clients.

Our Focus is to ensure that our clients receive job-related information with practical applications.

Our Commitment is to support and to contribute to our clients' professional development, growth, and success in the marketplace.

Our Mission reflects our five Core Values and the manner in which we conduct ourselves and our business.

  1. We demonstrate integrity and compassion.
  2. We respect our clients and their contributions to free enterprise.
  3. We pledge to focus on each client's specific needs.
  4. We ceaselessly strive to provide the highest quality work.
  5. We are dedicated to inspire others to achieve their dreams.
Malesic Associates consults with clients to develop new strategies and new skills to become more profitable in an ever-changing economy. Professional development includes sales, customer service, communications, basic skills development, and leadership effectiveness.

One of Linda's first clients was M&M Mars, Incorporated. Management came to Linda for assistance to ensure excellence in their production area. Mathematics calculations were a daily part of the candy bar line; therefore, it was vital that the bar line associates were using precise calculations in the production of the Milky Way and 3 Musketeers bar. After completing a needs assessment, a customized program was designed and instructed by Linda.

It is our core belief that customized training provides both the company and the employees with the most valuable professional development.

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