"As the executive secretary to the president of the hospital, I need to communicate with all medical departments and with the public. Frequently, my written communications address a sensitive subject. Since taking Linda's business writing program, I am confident that my communications are now clear and diplomatic."

Executive Secretary - Hospital

Do your letters, reports, and email project the professional image you want?

As business professionals, we want to project a positive image about ourselves and our company. Clients, co-workers, and superiors form impressions about us by the way we speak and write.

In this program, you will learn not only what is correct but also why it is correct. This is your opportunity to ask all the things you ever wanted to know about grammar and punctuation. Plus, your company's specific writing tasks are used so that you can immediately apply your new skills.

Some of the topics that we discuss:

  • Eliminate embarrassing mistakes in sentence structure
  • Tips to remember commonly confused words and phrases
  • Me or Myself? Master the correct use of pronouns
  • Polish your grammar to project a positive image
  • Spot spelling errors that destroy your message
  • Learn where all the commas really belong
  • When and where to put the apostrophe in names and titles
  • Up-to-date punctuation on a business envelope and letter
  • Practice to build your confidence
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