"I breezed through the formal training provided by my Broker, graduating in record time with a nice little business. Within three months I was floundering. After meeting Linda, I realized I wanted to know everything she knew! Linda became my coach. She taught me Sales, found my strengths and weaknesses, cheered me on with every success and reminded me often of my growing self confidence. We created a business plan and I became accountable to her. Soon I was networking and generating referrals! It would've taken years of experience to gain the skills that Linda's coaching provided to me in just months. I never thought work could be so rewarding and fun!"

Realtor, Century 21


Who is Your Sales Coach?
Your Sales Coach is a true professional with over 20 years of experience in sales, in owning two successful businesses, and in training other sales professionals.

Your Coach has worked with a wide market of clients.

Your Coach understands your frustrations and your triumphs.

Your Coach works with you to master your sales process, to build a powerful client base, and to create long-lasting relationships with your clients.

And, of course, your Coach is your biggest motivator - cheering you on with each success.

Why a Sales Coach?
Here are just a few good reasons why you need a sales coach.

Your coach will:
1. Develop your strategic sales plan:
What do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? You need a specific plan of action. Together you and your Coach will explore the criteria for your success and then develop clear strategies to put your plan into real action.

2. Hold you accountable: Did you meet your weekly or monthly goals? If you didn't, what got in the way of your achieving those goals. You and your Coach will take a constructive look at what happened during that time and what needs to happen in the future for you to stay on track.

3. Build powerful sales skills: How do you get new clients? How do you develop your sales presentation? How do you overcome objections and close your sale with ease? You will learn how to excel at these skills and many others with the training from your Coach.

4. Visualize your success: Sometimes it's tough to stay positive. Stuff happens! But you and your Coach will be "bullish" about your motivation - keeping that goal in front of you, and reminding you of your vision of success.

5. Maximize your time: Your Coach will show you how to use your time to produce the fastest and best results. You will learn how to spend your time productively so that you can have the time you want for the other things in your life that you value.

6. Achieve your sales goals: Your Coach will always be focusing on your sales goals. With persistent evaluation and attention to what really works for you, your Coach will guide you through solutions to increase your sales.

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