"Linda taught me everything I know about cold calling. I attended her seminar "How to Turn a Cold Call into a Hot Sale" and it has been extremely valuable in building a very successful insurance career. I have also consulted with Linda on many aspects of my business and am currently using her proven rapport building techniques with clients to jumpstart a new career."
D. Forman - Insurance Broker

or How to Take the Fear out of Sales Rejection

Here it comes - Oh, no! Your stomach churns, your hands get sweaty, your heart pounds - The customer is going to say NO!

REJECTION...The #1 fear of sales professionals! Handling rejection and overcoming the negative feelings involving rejection are vital to your success in sales. Fear of rejection stands between sales people and the success they want.

We understand that rejection is tough to deal with, but it simply is part of sales. Changing your thought processes and developing a new and different perspective are the keys to overcoming the fear of rejection. Some of the areas we focus on in our training include:

  • Identifying self-defeating thoughts that magnify rejection.
  • How we unconsciously project negative feelings.
  • Rejection words to avoid that trigger fear in our customer.
  • Don't be afraid of "no."
  • Never take it personally.
  • Strategies that nurture an attitude of success.
"Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford

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