"Linda Malesic was one of the most in-demand trainers we ever had at the chamber. Her down to earth style, her extensive knowledge and warm personality made her someone everyone could relate to. We ran her programs repeatedly, quarter after quarter. She always drew a good attendance. I would highly recommend her."

Pamela J. Klahr - President and CEO, Howard County Chamber of Commerce
(former Lancaster Chamber V.P.)
Do you get nervous just thinking about speaking in front of a group? Do your hands get sweaty and clammy? Does your heart pound? Does your mouth feel like you just ate a box of cotton balls?

Do you think about all the things that went wrong the last time that you gave a presentation?

What are your speaking engagements? Do you speak at an executive briefing or a customer conference...sell a product or idea...introduce a speaker...or moderate a business forum?

In any profession, there are a variety of settings in which each business person needs to give presentations. Speaking can be overwhelming for most people. In fact, "Speaking in front of a group is the #1 fear." That's right. Most people are more afraid of speaking than they are of snakes. (Fear of snakes is the #3 fear)

A great speaker possesses a powerful tool! Learning the skills of a polished presenter and how to overcome the fear of speaking is an asset that will give the business edge to any professional. Speaking is a learned skill like any other skill. Each presentation requires strategy, organization, and rehearsal - lots of Practice, Practice, Practice.

12 Keys to Powerful Presentation Skills
  1. The First 30 Seconds - Building Instant Rapport
  2. Techniques to Overcome Nervousness
  3. 10 ways to Prepare Your Voice and Body
  4. The Power of Good Eye Communication
  5. Projecting and Controlling Your Voice
  6. How Body Language Increases Credibility
  7. Focusing the Presentation to Your Audience
  8. Keys to Organizing Your Presentation
  9. Strategies to Prepare Mentally
  10. Do's and Don'ts of Speaking
  11. Responding Effectively to Questions
  12. Mastering Your Delivery

Our program is designed to meet your speaking objectives. We consult with you so that you:

  • Gain both the confidence and the presentation skills to project a polished, professional image.

  • Recognize the benefits that an effective presentation has in building rapport, communicating effectively, and increasing the presenter's and the organization's credibility.

  • Organize and deliver effective presentations to both internal and external groups in a variety of settings.

  • Learn to enjoy each speaking experience.

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