"As the executive secretary to the president of the hospital, I need to communicate with all medical departments and with the public. Frequently, my written communications address a sensitive subject. Since taking Linda's business writing program, I am confident that my communications are now clear and diplomatic."

Executive Secretary - Hospital

Errors in written communications can be not only embarrassing but also extremely costly.

How many times have you sent an email, letter, or proposal without carefully proofreading? It's easy to do. Everyone is in a hurry. Customers want information ASAP or your manager needs the statistics yesterday. You are attempting to multi-task. Mistakes are made. But what are the consequences of those errors?

Here is a true story:
I was conducting a "Sharpen Your Proofreading" seminar for a local chamber of commerce. One of the participants shared the following sad tale.

Her organization was holding their annual event. Much time and money had been spent on brochures, posters, and advertisement. A letter with top-notch literature was sent to over 10,000 event attendees. Three people had diligently proofread the copy. After all the information was sent, the staff gave a huge sigh of relief - only later to find that there was one error on all the information. Well, how costly could one error be? What is the one fact that you would want to be correct if you were holding a major event? That's right - the date. Oops! The date was wrong. I understand that the moaning and groaning could be heard for miles. So now over 10,000 people are coming to their event on the wrong date. Oops!

Indeed, errors can be costly and embarrassing.

Take the time to proofread... It is critical.

You may be a busy administrative assistant, a business owner, an engineer, or other professional who writes general correspondence or technical information. It's this simple - proofread now and avoid grief later. Proofing all your business writing will save you time and money. Learn how to catch errors before it's too late. Use proven techniques to proofread quickly and accurately.

Here are some of the techniques that we discuss
to catch those easy-to-miss errors:

  • 10 tips for proofreading with accuracy
  • Sure-fire ways to save time
  • The 3 R's of proofreading
  • Catch hard-to-spot errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Eliminate common mistakes in grammar
  • Read numbers, dates, and statistics with accuracy
  • How to analyze the visual impact of each document
  • Use a proofreading checklist

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