"Linda Malesic was one of the most in-demand trainers we ever had at the chamber. Her down to earth style, her extensive knowledge and warm personality made her someone everyone could relate to. We ran her programs repeatedly, quarter after quarter. She always drew a good attendance. I would highly recommend her."

Pamela J. Klahr - President and CEO, Howard County Chamber of Commerce
(former Lancaster Chamber V.P.)


Does your team strategize how to present a project or a proposal?
How do you determine the most impactful components to be used?
Does your team rehearse as a team?
What criteria do you use to evaluate the presentation?
Do you know how to make the appropriate revisions?

Too often a team presentation is not planned, not rehearsed, and not modified to make the greatest impact on the audience. It is essential that a team presentation be critiqued with a very discerning eye.

Even though each presenter may use his/her personality to convey information, the key to a powerful presentation is the continuous flow of ideas and style. Just as a play has several acts, so a well-structured team presentation has several cohesive components.

We critique not only what is presented but also how it is presented.

We use a specific set of standards to critique each presentation. Some of the areas we look at are:

  1. Overall structure of the presentation
  2. Logical sequence of presenters
  3. Clarity of concepts
  4. Appropriate technical level
  5. Progression of information
  6. Smooth flow of thought
  7. Use of multimedia
  8. Management of time
  9. Presenter's total body language
  10. Projected credibility of content and presenters
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