"Back when we were struggling to identify who we were, what we did, and how should we become better at serving the needs of our members, Linda Malesic came along to offer guidance, help, hope, and wisdom. Thanks to her ability to listen well, talk only when necessary, and think clearly about her client's needs, we were able to formulate new strategies that made a difference for our organization, and that our staff and the key business leaders that worked with us could readily grasp, and upon which we could all act. We could not have made the progress we made without Linda's help."
S. Vegoe - Former CEO of the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce

"I breezed through the formal training provided by my Broker, graduating in record time with a nice little business. Within three months I was floundering. After meeting Linda, I realized I wanted to know everything she knew! Linda became my coach. She taught me Sales, found my strengths and weaknesses, cheered me on with every success and reminded me often of my growing self confidence. We created a business plan and I became accountable to her. Soon I was networking and generating referrals! It would've taken years of experience to gain the skills that Linda's coaching provided to me in just months. I never thought work could be so rewarding and fun!

Realtor, Century 21

"I enjoyed our training session yesterday and know I learned a great deal about myself, perceptions, emotions, and pre-conceived ideas. Thank you for your patience and giving me the opportunity to work through some real situations. Your professionalism and diplomacy are qualities I will strive to attain."

J. Swift - VP, Chamber of Commerce

"Linda taught me everything I know about cold calling. I attended her seminar "How to Turn a Cold Call into a Hot Sale" and it has been extremely valuable in building a very successful insurance career. I have also consulted with Linda on many aspects of my business and am currently using her proven rapport building techniques with clients to jumpstart a new career."

D. Forman - Insurance Broker

"Internet service was the newest division of our corporation. We knew that our helpdesk technicians were technically qualified but lacked customer service experience. We also knew that the initial customer contact would be critical in establishing our reputation in a highly competitive technology. Therefore, we asked Linda to develop a customer service program tailored to our specific industry. She implemented a program that was exactly what we were looking for. Her customer service and technology expertise proved to be the perfect combination. ...Kudos to Linda!"

HR Director - Internet, Telecommunications

"Linda's values are high on accountability and honesty. These two characteristics alone provide a strong platform for a working relationship. Her training style is both professional and friendly. What differentiates Linda as a sales coach is her ability to teach her students how to be articulate, effective communicators."

Owner, Cash Originals

"As the executive secretary to the president of the hospital, I need to communicate with all medical departments and with the public. Frequently, my written communications address a sensitive subject. Since taking Linda's business writing program, I am confident that my communications are now clear and diplomatic."

Executive Secretary - Hospital

"Linda Malesic was one of the most in-demand trainers we ever had at the chamber. Her down to earth style, her extensive knowledge and warm personality made her someone everyone could relate to. We ran her programs repeatedly, quarter after quarter. She always drew a good attendance. I would highly recommend her."

Pamela J. Klahr - President and CEO, Howard County Chamber of Commerce
(former Lancaster Chamber V.P.)

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