"Internet service was the newest division of our corporation. We knew that our helpdesk technicians were technically qualified but lacked customer service experience. We also knew that the initial customer contact would be critical in establishing our reputation in a highly competitive technology. Therefore, we asked Linda to develop a customer service program tailored to our specific industry. She implemented a program that was exactly what we were looking for. Her customer service and technology expertise proved to be the perfect combination. ...Kudos to Linda!"
HR Director - Internet, Telecommunications


How often have you said - "I just couldn't think. My mind went blank. I was caught off guard."

"Thinking on your feet" is a communication art for any individual who wants to improve each verbal communication by thinking quickly and responding in an appropriate and productive manner. You will learn to keep each conversation focused and communicate more clearly in less time.

By "thinking on your feet," you will more effectively supervise others, work in a team, lead meetings, and communicate with co-workers and customers.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools to be a master communicator through your ability to think on your feet. Here are some of the areas of concentration:

  • Techniques that quickly assess the situation
  • Tips to stay focused on the real issue
  • Organize your ideas and thoughts before speaking
  • Listen to gain a clear understanding
  • Keep negative emotions out of the conversation
  • Develop an action plan to resolve the situation
From our experience working with thousands of individuals from diverse industries, we understand the impact of positive communications on customers, the quality of the work environment, and the profitability of each organization.

"The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer." - Henry David Thoreau

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